Zion WiFi builds you a Customer Database and strong Repeat Sales thru Smarter Remarketing!

Connect and Understand your Customers, Target and Remarket, Give Rewards and Discounts, all this via WiFi!

Turn Customers to Regulars

Sustainable business is about building repeat sales, we connect you directly to your customers thru their contact details from their Social Media and Remarket to them to keep coming back.

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Understand Customer Behavior

Get deeper insights about your Customers’ Behaviors, know who they are, how often they visit, their interests and many more. It ultimately helps you make better business decisions!

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Build Customer Loyalty

Make your Customers more loyal, automatically send them vouchers based on Demographics, Visits or Birthday data. Perfect for encouraging Repeat and increase Sales per Customer!

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Connect via Social Media

Connect with your Customers where they spend most of their time online, thru Social Media! By getting them to login using their own accounts and getting their Likes and Follows!

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Safe and Child-Friendly WiFi

Block Adult, Malicious and Torrent sites that is inappropriate in your venue, so that even Children can use it too! Plus a 2 layer security that protects your Customers and your WiFi!

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Other Benefits & More!

Access your Portal Anywhere with Internet Connection, Easy to Use Web Interface, Customize Branded Splash Page, Control Internet Usage, Continuous Updates and more!

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Here's how we make your WiFi work for you

A Customer simply needs to login via their favorite Social Media Account and they get Internet Access, easy and simple! This simple step unlocks all the amazing features our system has to offer!

Gain Customer Database, Deep Insights, Their Behaviors, Interests and More! All In Real-Time!

The key to sustainable business is about having at least 60% repeat sales from your total sales. We believe that repeat sales can be achieved thru knowing who your customers are. Building a Customer Database allows you to know who they are and how you can reach them. We also have Deep Social Analytics that allows you to get a general overview of your Customers, visit patterns and using their Social Media accounts give you a general report on their interests so you can engage them better.

By simply having the right information, you may make your business more efficient, effective and overall increase sales thru better business decisions thru the knowledge gathered from our system.

Reward and Instantly Gratify Customers & Turn Them Into Loyal and Returning Customers!

Encouraging returning customers is a sure fire way to really increase your sales. The perfect way to do this is to reward your loyal customers with vouchers / coupons / deals which they would appreciate! This can be done automatically and instantly thru our smart automated system that allows you to target the right demographics.

Our rewards system allows you to reward based on demographics, visits, birthdays and more! Make your customers feel important and valued which leads to repeat visits and sales!

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