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  Now that you’ve decided to provide WiFi access to your establishment, how do you separate connections for internal usage and guest access? For most, they simply have one network which is shared to both internal and customer use, which is secured with a password.     So How else can you provide WiFi ... Read More
May 17, 2017Francis Simisim


  WiFi and sales, these 2 have never been aligned before, it’s been 2 opposing forces, WiFi being an restaurant expense and little or no impact on sales. With Social WiFi, the correlation becomes much more different as WiFi, now, contributes to restaurant sales.   Here are 2 case studies we have had ... Read More
May 10, 2017Francis Simisim


  Did you know that every one star rating increase is equivalent to 5% - 9% increase in sales? But the challenge is how do we encourage your customers to leave a review? This is often the issue of most restaurants, and everyone is left wondering how this can be done.     What’s ... Read More
May 3, 2017Francis Simisim


    WiFi is now a basic amenity in every establishment that people expect, it has now become one of the most important factor in review and rating sites when choosing where to go. But WiFi doesn’t need to be just an amenity, it has a way of adding value to sales ... Read More
April 27, 2017Francis Simisim


  It’s not surprising that WiFi has risen to be one of the most important amenity a hotel needs to have, people need connectivity more than ever. As a matter of fact, 51% of people (even high end ones: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-01-25/even-the-super-rich-want-free-wi-fi-in-hotels) now rate free internet access as one of the major amenity ... Read More
April 25, 2017Francis Simisim


Nowadays, customers expect restaurants and cafes to offer free WiFi to guests, considering it as an amenity. Internet convenience is a factor for your guests to choose your restaurant from the rest, stay longer and return again.     Providing guest WiFi will help enhance customer experience, and at the same time, boost ... Read More
April 20, 2017Francis Simisim


Using pen and paper is the traditional way of asking your customer’s information. It can be a tedious task to have an employee ask every customer who would enter your establishment about their name and contact details. Because of the influx of customers, it’s hard to keep track on who ... Read More
April 18, 2017Francis Simisim


Knowing who your ideal customer is an important aspect of building your business. One fault of business marketers is targeting everyone and losing your brand identity. It will be hard for you to carry out your business goals efficiently if your focus is scattered.     Narrow down your market!   Effectively developing an ideal ... Read More
April 13, 2017Francis Simisim


  WiFi is fast becoming one of the basic commodities people expect these days, connectivity is ever so important to today’s connected life. It’s been a big debate over restaurant operators whether or not to provide WiFi, some view it as unnecessary expense, but there’s really a bigger opportunity that lies ... Read More
April 11, 2017Francis Simisim


Digital promotions are implemented to advertise a product or service using digital spaces such social media, electronic billboards, and mobile apps. Digital marketing has become favorable to advertisers mainly for the following reasons:   Instant reach to numerous people at a time Measurable Results Capture and store consumer data   Social media such ... Read More
April 6, 2017Francis Simisim

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