FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Setting Up

Do I need Internet Connection?

Yes, our solution needs internet connection to function.

Does it come with a Router?

Yes, but the router (hardware) is sold separately. It comes pre-installed with Zion WIFI Software.

What Social Media Accounts do I need?

Yes, we recommend having 3 accounts from Facebook (Page), Twitter (Account) and LinkedIn (Page) to make the most of Zion WIFI. And it is thru their Like or Follow that we’re able to extract their data for you to connect with them.

Why can't I access my Router's Web Interface?

We have removed the interface and linked it directly to our portal, as it is managed via the cloud.

About Zion WIFI

What is Zion WIFI?

Zion WIFI is a Social Media Marketing tool that helps you extend your reach in Social Media in exchange for free WIFI. It works by your customer logging on and signing in by Liking or Following your Social Media Account and they get free WIFI. There are many many things you can do with our system, please check our full list of features.

Which social media websites are supported?

We currently support the main websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+.

What if my customer does not have any social media account?

They can register thru our registration form but they would need to have at least an email account.

Is the data real-time?

Yes, you would be able to view who’s logged on to your WIFI at any given time thru our portal.

What if I have a lot of Venues?

It would work, and better yet, our system can even present data as a group. So you can see statistics of individual venues or as a group. It’s efficient for those who have multiple branches or venues or business.

How much is Zion WIFI?

To know more about pricing, please refer to our Pricing Page.

Is there a contract between us?

Yes, there’s a minimum of 12 months contract when you avail of our product.

If I need more than 1 Access Point?

Our price plans are per access point, so you’ll need to purchase another one for the other access points that you need.

Which email address is used in email marketing?

You may use your own branded email address or use our email address from NoReply@ZionWiFi.com.

Is there a limit to how many emails or vouchers I can send?

There’s no limitations as of now, and the service is still currently free (will become a paid feature in the future).

Can we export customer data?

Not at the moment, but we’re working on this and should be able to get this done soon.

Is Footfall and Heat Mapping Feature included?

Yes, but only for those with enterprise equipments. Unfortunately, regular routers do not have this functionality.

We have rebranded!

For more information, visit www.vayafi.com

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