Zion WIFI Full Features


ion WiFi is a social WiFi solution that provides FREE guest WiFi to your customers, but Customers must Like or Follow you to get internet access, simple right? To your customers, it’s just a fairly simple login process, but to you as a business, there’s so much more!

Zion WiFi empowers you to be able to gain more information about your Customers and their behavior in real time, this helps you understand them better and provide better products or services to them. There’s also the marketing side of it, via Social Media and Email, where we’re able to stay connected and in touch with them even when they’re not in your venue anymore. There’s so much more to Zion WiFi, you may see the full list below:

Key Features of Zion WIFI

We make your WIFI more Social, allowing users to login, connect and in contact with you using their favorite social media account.

Real Time Reports to keep you up-to-date with who’s in your venue right now! It also gives you valuable insights like Demographics and Visits and many more!

Use WIFI Marketing to utilize your free WIFI and use it to help promote your business. This can be done thru Social Media and Email which would help increase awareness to your customer.

Learn deeper about your customers, understand behaviors, interests and where they stay which can ultimately guide you to make better business decisions. (Enterprise Version only)

Some Key Features that you get from Zion WiFi

Track Where They Go

*Requires Enterprise Equipment. We can track customers as they walk around your venue, it’s perfect for assessing sales thru store layout & design, product placement and location based ads too.

Multiple Social Media Login

Allows your Customers to login easily using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Weibo or VK! Engage and Convert your real customers into Active Social Media fans and boost sales!

Automated Vouchers

Simply setting up profiles that define demographics, visits, birthdays or top customers can allow the system to send vouchers in real time directly to their email inbox. Great for Maximizing Sales!

Customer Analytics

Knowing your Customer’s Demographics, Visits and WiFi data can give you a good overview of your real customers. It’s all done quickly without filling up a form, good for you and good for your customer!

Child Friendly WiFi

Filter out Porn, Malicious and Virus filled websites in your WiFi! Our partner, Internet Watch Foundation, filters our content and ensures that the internet is safe and child friendly.

Redirect Customers

After logging in, you can redirect your Customers to any webpage. It could be Review Sites (e.g. TripAdvisor, Zomato), Online Features (WhenInManila), Your Website, Contest, Menu etc.!

We have rebranded!

For more information, visit www.vayafi.com

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