Zion WIFI can be used by any industry, but these are some of the industries that would benefit more on Zion WIFI’s features.


ith more and more Smartphone & Laptop Users, people, nowadays, require WIFI for their devices. Charging for WIFI is a thing of the past as internet becomes cheaper and charging higher for it just isn’t worth people’s money. So we developed the system to give them Free WIFI access but you get paid in Social Currency (Facebook Like, Twitter Follow etc.). This, in turn, returns your investment in Zion WIFI, by giving you valuable data and features to help you increase your sales further. From Retail to Hospitality to Leisure, we can always find ways to help your business get the most out of Social Media Marketing.

Retail Solutions

Zion WIFI compliments your Sales by collecting valuable data and send vouchers to customer while in store and connects you with them even when they go out..


Hospitality Solutions

Free WIFI is now expected in industries in Hospitality.
Zion WIFI will give a safe and secured WIFI and also
make it into the ultimate Social Media Marketing tool.

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Leisure Solutions

Most customers enjoy sharing updates on their activity. Zion WIFI will help you promote your business thru their shares and send vouchers to them to increase sales per person.


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