Hospitality Industry

These are some key benefits of the Hospitality Industry thru Zion WIFI.

Zion WIFI Hospitality Solutions

As more people own Smartphones and Computers capable of WIFI connection, it is almost a requirement that a venue serves Free WIFI. Instead of charging your customers for WIFI use, give it free but get paid with Social Currency thru our system (Facebook Likes, Twitter and LinkedIn Follow). This in turn gives you more exposure and customers data to which you can market your business further and get more sales and repeat customers! Here are some of the key features that can help your Hospitality Business:

Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

To login, they need to Like your Facebook page or Follow you on Twitter or LinkedIn. This connects you straight to your actual customers who are in your shop, and every time they return, they’re asked if they want to post a status update that you post.

Email Marketing Tool

Send more personalized emails based on Demographics, number of visits or time spent in your venue. Automatically send Voucher emails to reward or to upsell your products or services to your customers.

Safe and Secure WIFI

We offer security which is required in most countries (e.g. EU). Also we ensure that inappropriate websites are filtered so that your WIFI stays family friendly and free from danger which is a result of our partnership with IWF (Internet Watch Foundation).

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