Leisure Industry

These are some key benefits of the Leisure Industry thru Zion WIFI.

Zion WIFI Leisure Solutions

Leisure activities are the ones that does get shared a lot in Social Media. And with our system, you’ll be able to leverage this via the like of a customer and sharing of a post with a message that you write would surely do wonders with your online exposure. It can be used from Bowling alleys to Casinos to Amusement Parks, the system would help you achieve more sales by increasing your exposure exponentially online. Here are some specific features that can help in the Leisure industry:

Know Your Customers

You get their name, gender, age, visits to your venue and even where they are in your venue. You can even send automatic vouchers based on that information and automatically increase sales right there and then.

Branding thru WIFI

Personalize your log-in page with ease with our drag and drop interface, which reinforces your brand thru WIFI. You are also able to insert advertisements which can help you upsell or increase sales in your business.

Safe and Secure WIFI

We offer security which is required in most countries (e.g. EU). Also we ensure that inappropriate websites are filtered so that your WIFI stays family friendly and free from danger which is a result of our partnership with IWF (Internet Watch Foundation).

We have rebranded!

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