Retail Industry

These are some key benefits of the Retail Industry thru Zion WIFI.

Zion WIFI Retail Solutions

Almost everyone these days own a smartphone, or phones that are capable of WIFI. We can help you learn more about your customers (age, gender, location & contact details) their activity (when they log on your WIFI, how long they’re online & number of visits) and learn about your shop floor and ultimately increase your sales by optimizing your shop floor and promotion thru Social Media and Vouchers. Here are some specific features that can help retail businesses:

Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

To login, they need to Like your Facebook page or Follow you on Twitter or LinkedIn. This connects you straight to your actual customers who are in your shop, and every time they return, they’re asked if they want to post a status update that you post.

Footfall Mapping

We can track users as they walk around your shop, this gives you a very valuable insight on where they usually browse in your store and their preference. So you know how to design your shop floor and learn how you can maximize sales.

Automatic Vouchers

You can send vouchers automatically depending on demographics, ‘dwell time’ on specific areas of your shop, or just send it publicly! This can be done thru our system while the actual customer is in store, big potential for increasing sales per customer.

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