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    For Buildings, Malls, Hospitals and Bigger Venues

    Customer Log in via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram, Weibo & VKontakte:
    Management of your Social Media Inbox:
    Facebook Inbox Management:
    Access Post (Optional Message asking user to post after subsequent visits):
    Number of Visits:
    Demographics (Age, Gender & Location):
    Type of Device Used:
    Time of Visits:
    Access to Individual Customer Data:
    Social Media Mentions:
    Number of People reached in Social Media:
    Automated Voucher System (*Additional Charge):
    Management of Multiple Sites:
    Database Collection:
    View Voucher User Details:
    Create a Branded Splash Page for all Devices:
    Adverts on your Customer's Login Page:
    Collective Reporting to Multiple Sites:
    Secure Holding of Personal Data:
    2 Additional Personal WIFI Channels:
    SSL Encryption of Traffic:
    Bandwidth Limiting per User:
    URL Logging:
    Content Filtering:
    Traffic Limits:
    Form Login (Login Page):
    Multi-Site Management:
    Multiple Languages Available:
    User Logins:
    Footfall Mapping:
    Heat Mapping:

Zion WIFI - Social WiFi to Sustainable Sales

Know, Connect, Understand and Reward your Customers, Communicate, & Instantly Drive more Sales and Exposure to your Business.

After Sales Support for Zion WiFi Subscribers


We can help you make sense of the data we gathered, make more intelligent business decisions and drive more sales to your business.

Marketing Support

We’d love to ensure that your customers know about it, we’ll be supporting you with promotional materials that will help you get more logins.

System Updates

We’re dedicated to keep updating, improving the system and adding new features that will ultimately help you get more sales thru our system.


We’ll ensure that you’re trained properly when you subscribe to Zion WiFi. Our commitment is to allow you to maximize the effect of our system.

Customer Care

Our Support team is readily available for contact thru Phone, Email, Skype, and is dedicated to making sure you make the most of our system.

Plug & Play

Simply plug our router to your existing modem/router and it would work right away, Plug & Play! There are also advanced settings when needed.


We also provide complete documentation on how to use our system. Aside from that, we also have online tutorials which helps you use our system better.


Our business model is transparent and we are in line with you in helping you drive more sales to your business by maximizing the use of our system.

Zion WIFI is an Innovation in Connecting Online and Offline Marketing Campaigns

Armed with innovative tools and analysis, our system’s goal is to help you get more revenues in your venue.


We have rebranded!

For more information, visit www.vayafi.com

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