Social WIFI

Social WIFI

Use Social WIFI to Authenticate Users, Manage your Social Media Accounts, Promote your Business and So much more!

Social Media Authentication

Your Customers can login using any of their favorite Social Media Accounts. No more long and hard to type passwords that are easily mistaken! But here’s the really cool part, it is a requirement for your customers to Like / Follow you thru any of the social media accounts and in return get internet access. This brings tremendous value to your business as you get stay connected with your real customers.

Social Media Analytics

Get to know your real customers thru our solution. Collectively and individually, you can get a clearer view as to their demographics and visit data which allows you to know your business better. These data should guide and help you make more intelligent business decisions.

Social Media Tools

As an added bonus, we’re providing you tools to help you manage your social media accounts. These are basic tools that help you post updates, see your Social Media reports, All in one feeds and mailboxes, that allows you to manage your social media accounts more efficiently.

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