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  It wasn’t long ago that WiFi analytics was almost non-existent, analytics was simply used by network engineers to track usage of the WiFi network. It was highly technical by nature and only used to optimize the network.     What were the network engineers able to track: WiFi usage Devices (MAC addresses)   So where ... Read More
October 25, 2017Francis Simisim


A while back, WiFi analytics was limited to network administrators who looked at the technical reports concerning WiFi usage. Today, WiFi analytics has evolved towards providing more insightful marketing reports that businesses can use to drive revenues to their business.     So what new reports can we expect from today’s WiFi Analytics? ... Read More
July 5, 2017Francis Simisim


  We all hear about the latest advancement with WiFi especially in the field of way finder or indoor mapping. WiFi can now triangulate your device’s location inside a venue, allowing you to track Foot Traffic and so much more!   Aside from helping your venue’s guest find their way, there’s so much ... Read More
May 24, 2017Francis Simisim


Social WiFi provider, Zion WiFi, is further expanding its geographic reach through a new partnership with another innovative social wifi provider in UK, Purple WiFi. By sharing the same goal of providing intelligent guest wifi with marketing and analytics, the two companies work hand in hand to enable businesses connect ... Read More
July 9, 2014Francis Simisim

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