3 Surefire Ways on How to get a Customer Database

3 Surefire Ways on How to get a Customer Database

Database Marketing

80% of your sales comes from 20% repeat customers. The key to repeat sales is through gathering customer database (their name, number and email) and this allows you to target and segment your market more cheaply and effectively.

3 Ways on how to get Customer Database:

  1. Create a Loyalty Program – Your most loyal customers only deserve the best. Make a loyalty program where they could sign up and put their relevant information so they could get discounts and rewards from you. You’ll see how they’ll keep coming back for the special treatment.
  2. Feeback Form – A quick survey would be an example of this. Ask them if they could rate your food and if they enjoyed their meal. Leave a space where they could put in their personal information. Give them incentives like a free drink or dessert in return.
  3. Contests or Raffles – Most of your customers will be more than happy to sign up for a contest or raffle if the prizes are worth coveting. The more entries they sign up, the more chances they have for winning. This is also a great way to engage with your loyal consumers by giving back to them.


With the data that you gathered you can use that information to promote your brand or business. These techniques might be old fashioned no-brainers but they do get the job done.

But of course, there is also an easier way to do this.

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