5 reasons why restaurants with free WiFi get more sales

5 reasons why restaurants with free WiFi get more sales


WiFi is fast becoming one of the basic commodities people expect these days, connectivity is ever so important to today’s connected life. It’s been a big debate over restaurant operators whether or not to provide WiFi, some view it as unnecessary expense, but there’s really a bigger opportunity that lies with restaurants with free WiFi.



Here’s 5 good reasons why Restaurants with free WiFi get more sales:

  1. Restaurant goers usually scour the web for places to eat, one of the factors in searching is now about having free WiFi.
  2. Customers love to post the restaurant and their food in social media, giving them connectivity to do so, gives you free publicity.
  3. Knowing who your customers are thru Social WiFi system, allowing you to reach out to them even after their visit to encourage repeat sales!
  4. Marketing tools thru WiFi hotspot system, which allows you to push high margin menu items thru the login page, allowing them to be more inclined to buy profitable menu items.
  5. Getting survey opinions by asking the questions before they login to the WiFi. Since you also have their contact details, you may get back to them and give them rewards or fix a bad feedback issue thru coupons or special promos.


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