Why is Cafe WiFi critically important

Why is Cafe WiFi critically important



Cafés are the perfect place to recharge and have some time alone. With the rise of mobile phone users, the natural thing that everyone expects in Cafés is WiFi. Notice how coffee shops would have people sipping coffee in one hand and with a phone on another hand.



So why is Café WiFi critically important?


  • 60% of Café customers use WiFi and stay for at least 30 minutes


Over the past years, we found that there has been an increase of the use of WiFi in Cafés that we service. From a mere 40%, now the usage is at 60% and is clearly increasing day by day. One of the main reasons why is that we see majority of customers spend at least 30 minutes in a coffee shop.


  • Most coffee buyers are while collar professionals with a need to stay connected for work and personal.


What’s also important to note here is that most of the coffee buyers are white collar professionals hence the need to be constantly connected for work; while, on a personal side, they also need it to stay connected with friends and their social media accounts.


  • Buying behavior shifting to the need for WiFi first before buying.


Lastly, what’s increasingly becoming a culture is the change of the timing of the most important question of “what’s the WiFi password?”, from the beginning of their entry in a café rather than in the middle. It’s now a criteria on whether or not they will buy coffee from you.

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