How can WiFi technology add value to POS sales in establishments?

How can WiFi technology add value to POS sales in establishments?



WiFi is now a basic amenity in every establishment that people expect, it has now become one of the most important factor in review and rating sites when choosing where to go. But WiFi doesn’t need to be just an amenity, it has a way of adding value to sales of establishments.




Here’s how WiFi technology can add value to sales in establishments:


Relate POS Sales Data to Customer – POS systems just gives out general sales reports, which does not give you a full picture of your sales. With the current WiFi hotspot technology today, which captures customer information (name, demographics, contact and interests), WiFi can now give the missing link to the sales by attributing a specific sale to a person or segment. This allows the business to fully understand the sales of each establishment and gives them a better perspective to make better business decisions.


Getting Repeat Sales – Since WiFi can capture customer contact details, it is really cheap for you to target them again (and they’re the most likely people to go back to your establishment) compared to promoting online or other channels. To really build a sustainable sales level, you must have at least 60% repeat customers in your business.


Sales Decisions – By empowering you with data, you are able to then understand customer behaviors and flow. You are then better equipped at making business decisions that can help increase sales by following trends and knowing your customers better.

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