Cisco Meraki – WiFi Advertising

Cisco Meraki – WiFi Advertising

Cisco Meraki has been a big fan favorite for most of the Enterprise clients we come across, not only is it easy to setup, but it has great features and a solid cloud software. The missing element to Cisco Meraki is always about WiFi Advertising as it has everything you need.

Our new platform, Vayafi, which supports Cisco Meraki, allows you to monetize your WiFi thru WiFi Advertising. Our advertising platform allows advertisers to pinpoint who they want to serve the ads to. What’s great is that the value of this advertising is huge, as this can be placed in strategic locations and even close to the point of sales.

The solution is O2O (Online to Offline) Advertising Technology that enables us to do onsite advertisements to people whilst giving them connectivity over WiFi (hence online). It’s an innovation in the advertising industry where they can now measure and guarantee eyeballs, views, and interaction on a specific location.


We believe that we’ll innovate further with Cisco Meraki as we work with more clients with the equipment, but most importantly, allow them to monetize and get ROI from their WiFi networks as a result of our WiFi Advertising solution.

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