Dangers of a FREE Offer

Free is a music to the ear for most of us. It is usual for us Filipinos to be wise and practical on spending every penny that we have and so, we always find ways to save money. We think twice even thrice before purchasing something especially if we aren’t familiar enough to what the product has to offer. Moreover, FREE has been a magic word for us and is very irresistible that we never fail to not grab the opportunity. On the negative side, there’s always something hidden behind this 4 letter word.




For a new and innovative social marketing solution like ZionWiFi, gaining market’s willingness to pay in exchange of the service is a struggle. Businesses would always go for FREE services to minimize cost. However, going into FREE may not always be as good as it may seem. So, before you put your foot forward to free offers, make sure to answer the following questions first.


  1. Free? So what’s the catch?

Free may appear to be so good to be true but be wary before dipping your feet into it. There’s always a reason behind free offers and sometimes, the effects of this free service/product may actually hurt you in the future. It may start as good but will eventually turn into a disaster. Bear in mind that value of money reflects the quality of the product/service. The higher the value is, the higher the benefits that it will provide you. You might think that you saved money now but wait till the catch hits you, you’ll surely suffer great loss.


  1. Free? Are you sure?

How sure are you that it is really for free? Some Free offers actually have their twist. It may appear Free initially but will then charge you without you knowing that you are incurring cost. Let’s take free mobile data as an example. You get to surf the net, post selfie photo and check in to your favorite restaurant for free and you feel like you rule the world. But pop! When your usage exceeded the data allowed, you will be surprised that your cellphone load actually disappeared.


  1. If it’s for Free, how will the company that offers it gain profit?

Are they multi-billionaires that don’t know where to spend their gazillion money and so they’re giving it away for free? Are they Santa Claus or charity heads that want to give it all away for free while long unending line of expenses hunt them? Probably not. A company cannot survive without profit because it serves as their power bank to run and operate the company smoothly. So, if they will give it for Free, what’s in it for them? How will they carry the expenses?


Free always will be enticing, but we all have to be aware of the fundamental facts. If they give it for free, how do they earn? They have operational costs, how are they going to survive? Like smart marketers and entrepreneurs, we need to be aware of the whole picture and not just the offer at hand. Always stick to the saying that “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.”

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