Digging Deeper: Identifying your Ideal Customer

Digging Deeper: Identifying your Ideal Customer

Knowing who your ideal customer is an important aspect of building your business. One fault of business marketers is targeting everyone and losing your brand identity. It will be hard for you to carry out your business goals efficiently if your focus is scattered.



Narrow down your market!


Effectively developing an ideal customer profile will help you understand the wants and needs of your customer which you can adapt to your marketing strategies.


For a small business, the most basic way to find out who your ideal customer is by knowing their demographic profile which includes their gender, age, economic class, and marital status then eventually digging deeper to know their specific pain points. For business markets, you have to look at the company profile, company size, type of industry, and revenue and angling the conversation according to the role that your customer has in the company.


As you prospect for a customer, see if there is a fit between what they need and what you offer. What you need to do is market your business to prospects who has the problem your solution solves and make them realize that you’re the answer they’ve been waiting for.


Keep your sales pipeline full by identifying, targeting, and maintaining an engaging relationship with your ideal customer.

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