Digital vs. Traditional Way of Growing your Customer Database

Digital vs. Traditional Way of Growing your Customer Database

Using pen and paper is the traditional way of asking your customer’s information. It can be a tedious task to have an employee ask every customer who would enter your establishment about their name and contact details. Because of the influx of customers, it’s hard to keep track on who you missed out. Other than that you would fall into the habit of encoding your collected data in an Excel Spread sheet and counter checking errors and duplicates which takes so much time.



Learn how to collect information in the simplest manner and make productive use of your time. What you can do is offer free WiFi, connect users, and get to know your customer along the process. Investing on a database gathering software will help you speed up operations as you build your business. Also, don’t forget to post a sign that says WiFI Hot Spot location so that customers will be aware that you do offer Free WiFi.


Happy building your database!

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