DOs and DON’Ts of Social Media Marketing

DOs and DON’Ts of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the hottest marketing strategy nowadays. Most cannot last a day without checking their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram at least once. Businesses has taken advantage of this fact but many are still doing this the wrong way. We have listed a few DOs and DON’Ts to help you better plan your social media strategy.





Customize your caption for every social media platform (but still make it uniform)

Each social media platform has character limits. Twitter has 140 and Facebook has 63,206. Use this to your advantage by posting a teaser caption on your Twitter with a link to your Facebook page or to a certain post. But just because Facebook lets you use thousands of characters per post does not mean you’ll use them all on a single post or on your every post. Remember, no one likes to read a very long post. Be short and concise.

Make your photos uniform

Your photos has to be in one size. If it’s a square, then it has to be square on all. If you have an Instagram, make sure your feed is neat and clean, do not use different filters on different posts.

Check your grammar

Grammar police is always watching! Correct grammar makes you look more professional and your post very well-thought of.


Change the background color, or the font, or the time of post. Monitor the changes in customer engagement and choose the one that your audience likes the most.

Be consistent, but don’t overshare

Do not just post once then never post again. Make your business relevant by posting regularly, like once or twice everyday or every other day. Do not post every hour, you do not want your audience’s feed to be bombarded by your posts. They’ll get annoyed for sure.


Ignore your audience

Never ever don’t reply to your audience. You must engage with them in order to build and strengthen your relationship with them.

Be on every social media platform

Being on social media is great, but on every social media platform is not. Only use those which your target market always uses.

Give a generic response

Make your customers feel more valued by personalizing your response to them. You can include their name or have a different response for each user.

Use the same content over and over again

As many fashionistas will say, repeating clothes is okay. This goes also with your social media posts. It is okay to repeat the content you post, but make sure to mix it up a little bit.

Overuse hashtags

#nothing #is #annoying #than #a #post #with #these #many #hashtags.


Social Media is a great way to communicate with your customers but some are still doing it the wrong way and ends up looking unprofessional. Remember these tips to make the most out of your social media networks. So now it’s time for you to get posting!

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