Edgerank - Facebook Likes Quality vs Quantity

Edgerank – Facebook Likes Quality vs Quantity

Having spoken and seen a lot of local businesses with regards to social media marketing, I’m starting to believe there’s a huge disconnect. Right now, the focus seems to be simply increasing Facebook Likes and that’s their measure of success. This used to be true, but not anymore! With Facebook limiting on reach and really have started to measure other things like interaction and engagement which determines how far your reach is (Edgerank)


This is what we’re truly trying to change, we want people to understand it is about quality rather than quantity. You might see pages with thousands, if not millions, of fans but with engagement so low, it does not reach too far so why is that so? Because of Facebook’s new algorithm, which is Edgerank. Edgerank is the formula that governs what shows up in a person’s newsfeed and how high does it get.


Here’s a simple formula that explains how Edgerank really works:



by www.whatisedgerank.com



Affinity or u

It is simply how close a user is to your brand, meaning, the more they comment, share, like, click or even message to your brand’s page the closer they are to your brand.


Weight or w

What is the type of your post? These are the rank of importance:

  1. Photo / Video
  2. Links
  3. Plain Text Updates

And to add to this, the likes, comments and shares are also added to the mix.


Time Decay or d

How old is your post? The newer and fresher the higher it gets, the older the lower it gets. This way the content in the newsfeed stays fresh.




Here’s another figure to watch out, 96% of users would like your page and never go back, so the only chance you have is getting into their newsfeed right? So you’re really tied up to the Edgerank algorithm, that’s why you see a page with thousands or millions of fans but reach only a few people.


Here’s how Zion WIFI can help you improve Edgerank:

  • Who would be best to relate and interact to your posts? Wouldn’t it be your real customers? With Zion WIFI you get real customer fans as they like your page for them to use your WIFI.
  • We can also redirect fans to your page after logging in and make most of them interact, especially in your fanpage reviews, contests (highly recommended) and relevant posts which allows them to interact right away.
  • There are many more creative ways we can go about it, to find out more, please visit our features page.


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