Establish your Brand Presence Using WiFi Advertising

Establish your Brand Presence Using WiFi Advertising

Digital promotions are implemented to advertise a product or service using digital spaces such social media, electronic billboards, and mobile apps. Digital marketing has become favorable to advertisers mainly for the following reasons:


  • Instant reach to numerous people at a time
  • Measurable Results
  • Capture and store consumer data


Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram become the go to platform for advertisers. Part of building a community on social media is engaging with current followers. Online promotions are a great way to build engagement and keep followers coming back for more.



One smart and efficient way of doing digital promotions is through WiFi advertising. Because of the prevalence of WiFi Hotspots in public areas such as shopping centers, transport terminals, hospitality venues, tapping wifi nextworks is a good step to take to reach volumes of people online. By personalizing and redesigning  the WiFi login and content you can create unique user experience that would leave a good impression about your brand, which would likely encourage them to become a repeat customer. Also,from the captured user information, you can create relevant and hypertargeted ad campaigns, and create remarketing opportunities for email and SMS blasting.


With the right content and marketing efforts, more people will watch out for your brand and get them participate in your contests, visit your website, subscribe to your newsletter, and eventually turn them into a longtime client.  Just remember to build awareness and increase engagement using the right tools.

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