The progression of WiFi Analytics

The progression of WiFi Analytics


It wasn’t long ago that WiFi analytics was almost non-existent, analytics was simply used by network engineers to track usage of the WiFi network. It was highly technical by nature and only used to optimize the network.



What were the network engineers able to track:

  • WiFi usage
  • Devices (MAC addresses)


So where are we today with WiFi Analytics? The basic analytics still exists, but now the analytics has shifted towards adding more value to marketing. Giving more business insights and analytics that help businesses generate more sales and understanding.


What can we track with today’s WiFi analytics (aside from the basics):

  • Customer Demographics
  • New vs Return Customers
  • Location based analytics (knowing where customers are and how long they stay in an area)


What’s great is that this is just the beginning of the digitizing brick and mortar businesses, what we can expect is that this is going to be more advanced and in the direction of how advanced e-commerce analytics is and how it relates to sales (especially answering ROI).

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