The Government’s Free WiFi  in Public Locations

The Government’s Free WiFi  in Public Locations

Since WiFi Hot Spots or Free WiFi has became prevalent in different cities globally, different governing bodies from countries all over the world has adapted the Free WiFi model for public locations like airports, transport terminals, public plazas, parks, and government offices.



The world would be a better place if there’s free internet access for all. Having the government by your side in this vision of spreading free hot spot locations would definitely be much easier and open more doors may it be in economic, social, and educational aspects.


Boosting internet accessibility will bridge the gap between those who have more and those who have less. Because of the current developments in technology we we are slowly moving past the digital divide. Developing countries are catching up with the distribution of pubic WiFi in cities and rural areas and ICTS are becoming more and more accessible. However, the reality of separate-access marketplace is still evident because of  lower-speed wireless connections and unequal resources.


Even if this is the case, we can still remain hopeful that closing the digital divide that we speak of would be the key to reach and connect people across borders and improve global economic and educational growth.

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