Hotel WiFi: Using Free WiFi to get repeat customers

Hotel WiFi: Using Free WiFi to get repeat customers


It’s not surprising that WiFi has risen to be one of the most important amenity a hotel needs to have, people need connectivity more than ever. As a matter of fact, 51% of people (even high end ones: now rate free internet access as one of the major amenity that they’re looking for. Without Hotel WiFi, sales would surely be affected.



So how can a Hotel utilize free WiFi to get more repeat customers?

  • Marketing Opt-In – By logging into the WiFi, there’s an option to opt-in to your marketing messages. This allows you to legally send them messages with their consent.
  • Survey – Get feedback from your hotel guests, thru a survey system via the WiFi. It will ask them a series of questions before connecting them to the internet. This is best to get unfiltered and direct feedback from your guests.
  • Contacting them again – After the Survey, you are able to do something about their feedback especially the bad ones. With guests staying at least 12 hours in a hotel, there’s ample time to make it up to them by going thru the feedback daily and getting the manager to approach before the guests leave your hotel.
  • Reviews & Ratings – Which brings us to the Reviews and Ratings, with hotel guests happy (issues solved before they leave) gets you great reviews and ratings. Also, you are able to send them messages after to ask them to leave a review of your hotel at your preferred review site in return for a discount when they go back to your hotel.
  • Newsletter & Promotional Messages – Lastly, updating them the latest news and promotions about your hotel is essential to drive them back to your hotel. What’s important is you become top-of-mind when they go to your location.



Hotel WiFi is now an essential amenity for any hotel, and since you’re already going to book it as an expense, why not utilize that to drive more revenue and justify the costs?


** We, at Tomizone, can help you make your free Hotel WiFi drive revenues to your hotel.

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