How did this Salon get a 400% increase in its Revenue?

How did this Salon get a 400% increase in its Revenue?


Two Washington based entrepreneurs decided to buy and renovate a salon. After buying the premise and spending $40,000 on decoration, they were understandably short on cash. Unable to spend any on a marketing campaign, they got social media savvy. They created a full strategy, from website to Facebook fan page.

How did they overcome their problems?

5 Top Tips:

  1. Interact with influential individuals/brands to maximise your reach
  2. Follow trends trends
  3. Go to where your customers are and listen
  4. Give stuff away if you want to get stuff back
  5. Create a winning strategy and follow it.

They developed an integrated social media strategy. At the centre of this strategy was their blog and website that was used to generate great content. The Facebook fan page and Twitter account then drove traffic to both the blog and the website. By doing this and keeping to their plan they’ve staggeringly increased their revenue!

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