How Smart & Globe Fair Usage Policy will Affect Business Owners

How Smart & Globe Fair Usage Policy will Affect Business Owners

So Smart and Globe have released their ‘Fair Usage Policy’ to which a lot of users have reacted negatively. So now their internet is capped and limited when they’ve reached the limits and drop to speeds of almost a dial up internet which is really really really slow.




But how does that affect your business? One thing is for sure, they’ll be needing internet connection when they’re in your location. Today, so many of our devices need internet connection, from laptops to tablets to mobile phones to watches and soon glasses, appliances etc! So when people go to your location they’ll be looking to connect with your free WIFI. Our product ZionWIFI, can allow your business to leverage your free WIFI and turn that into a full blown online marketing tool. Click here to find out more!

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  1. thomasmmm :

    FUP is being implemented globally. Maybe it’s time to create new usage-based plans (timed, no contract, general use, high bandwidth, high + static IP)

    • Francis Simisim :

      Hey Thomas, yes exactly. the issue comes down to calling it ‘unlimited’. It would be great to have faster and reliable plan that is affordable.

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