Improve Customer Relationships in the Retail Industry thru free WiFi

Improve Customer Relationships in the Retail Industry thru free WiFi

With an increasing number of smartphone users, it comes to no surprise that it’s one thing people ask when visiting places. But did you know that by giving free WiFi, you can really improve on customer relationships?


Did you know that more than 70% of Asian Shoppers use their phone while making a purchase? (according to jsncrz, Community Management Director, MRM Worldwide). And with that the need to stay connected, hence the need for WiFi.

But how do you improve customer relationships thru Free WiFi in Retail?



1. Social WiFi

With the new Social WiFi  technology we offer at Zion WiFi, we’re able to help you remain in touch with your real customers. This allows them to login with their favorite Social Media account, and convert them into fans / followers. Reach your real customers with your updates, promos and stay connected with them even when they’re not in your venue. This also allows you to nurture relationships and stay close to your loyal customers.


2. Data and Analytics

You are now able to capture data from social media accounts which gives you a great overview as to who your customers really are (with permission of course). Knowing demographics and visits data, which tells you age, email, gender, location, visit etc. which allows you to make better business decisions.


3. Marketing & Promotions

With our set of tools, you can reward and interact with your customers, allowing them to be updated with the latest news/products/services and promotions which helps them purchase better. Our tools are designed with one thing in mind, to help you to market better to your customers.


4. Presence Analytics

Know customer’s behavior, movements and dwell time with our new technology in Presence analytics. This surely will help your store, adjust better to changing customer tastes, improve store layout, and so many more.

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