How an indoor wifi map can help improve net profits

How an indoor wifi map can help improve net profits


WiFi mapping is something new hence the technology is promising, as it would help make traditional brick and mortar locations (like shopping malls) into a digital world where everything is tracked. What’s great is that, it allows venues to have the same tracking tools as an e-commerce website, allowing better customer experience thru better and targeted marketing campaigns.


How does mapping work?

It has the same experience as a customer logging into a wifi hotspot (like in airports or hotels), the difference with us being that we allow them to login via their social media accounts. Allowing us to know who they are, where they went within your venue and where they spent the most time.



Key Information with WiFi mapping:

  • Knowing who they are – Knowing deeper customer details allows us to understand guest demographics and allowing you to stay in touch.
  • Where they went – Attaching buyer behavior to the mix allows you to send targeted messages based on location and allowing you to understand foot traffic flows on certain areas.
  • Where they spent their time in – Knowing how they spent their time in your venue gives you a deeper insight and understanding about your guests and your tenants.


How will WiFi map can help improve net profits?

  • Sending the right marketing message at the right time at the right ‘indoor’ place
  • Increasing rental spaces on specific places with exceptionally well foot traffic
  • With better data, allows you to optimize and improve bottom line thru better sales and savings thru marketing budget optimization.
  • Better business decisions thru better data access.

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