Integrate WiFi hotspot software to CRM

Integrate WiFi hotspot software to CRM


With big data becoming one of the most critical thing for businesses, one of the new Customer data collection point is WiFi hotspot software. It helps add value to CRM by adding more customer data giving the CRM more insights and analysis about the business’ customers.



API Integration

API (Application program interface) is the key element in integrating any software together, it is commonly found in systems (especially in the cloud). Newer CRM systems are equipped with API which allows us to push WiFi hotspot software data in it. Automatically updating the CRM’s record with WiFi customer data.



Our team has vast experience in API integrations and have help numerous companies integrate their data together. What’s great about integrating WiFi Hotspot Software to CRM is that it adds critical data to the picture such as:

  • Demographics (Gender & Birthday)
  • Contact Details
  • Location
  • Visits
  • Behavior
  • Interests


These data are critical in understanding customers and allowing you to have a better relationship with them. One of the common things we see being correlated is the demographics and sales which allows a business to understand who their customers are. We believe that every business must strive to link and correlate data together to form better pictures of their customers, allowing them to make smarter and data driven decisions that allow them to operate efficiently and effectively.

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