Local Advertising Solution – How we can help you promote Local Businesses and Franchisees

Local Advertising Solution – How we can help you promote Local Businesses and Franchisees

I’ve had experiences with Entrepreneurship and Franchising, one thing that really becomes a question is ‘how do I approach Local Advertising?’. Different businesses have different approach for this, some do flyer distribution, newspaper inserts, coupons etc. The list simply goes on, and Branch Managers and Franchisees would really try each one to find what works for them.   Some methods would work, but then after a certain period, it simply stops working. Why? Because these are the traditional methods in which we lure potential customers to our business, but with the new generation of customers, things have moved on or less effective.

So, how should businesses approach local advertising?

With the Philippines, slowly becoming the social media capital, things have really moved digital. What used to be on paper, is now on their gadgets, when one way communication used to work, it’s not working now. It’s time for businesses to look into promoting online and with the new solution we developed called Zion WiFi.   Local Advertising Business Franchising

How does Zion WiFi help you promote locally?

  • WiFi Marketing
    • Use your WIFI like you’ve never imagined, as a promotional tool! Imagine each customer that logs in, you get a like / follow (instant Social Media Connection!) and an email database for you to send promotional emails to (with full authorization and approval).
  • Social WiFi
    • We get users to use your WiFi in exchange for a Like / Follow with their Social Media Accounts. We also give you tools to manage and and engage your customers in Social Media.
  • Real Time WiFi Analytics
    • It’s about knowing who your customers are with demographics data, profiles, visits, connections, social media reach and more! It allows you to make more intelligent business decisions.
  • Presence Analytics
    • Available only for Enterprise version right now. Presence Analytics allows you to see how your customers move around the store, and heat mapping to see where people go to the most. There’s also advanced features like sending vouchers based on dwell time which helps encourage purchase from customers.

With our solution being a very affordable solution, which can fit into a local marketing budget of 1-2% of gross sales or less. We believe our solution could really help businesses more with online marketing plus allows the franchisor to centralize controls in marketing. Our solution can help brands get quality social media fans / followers with tools to help improve and encourage relations.

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