Loyalty means Royalty

Loyalty means Royalty

Restaurant owners have been thinking of different gimmicks all year round just to gain more customers, yes, we see your point, that helps. But the most important thing to sustain business is how to make them come back.



Getting your customers’ loyalty is not a one-day thing, but what you can do to instantly win them over is to give them an integrated customer experience the moment they stepped into your restaurant. Their loyalty can’t be bought over the counter, it should be earned and taken care of.


Aside from giving them great deals and discounts, offering in-store guest WiFi is one way to do so.  But of course, you have to make sure that your guest WiFi is password-free, user friendly, high-speed, and simple. Low quality connections and passwords turn off your customers. Thus, fast free WiFi can help boost both dining experience and customer satisfaction.


Now that your complimentary wifi is on premise, it’s time to utilize it through WiFi marketing. Use your guest wifi log in page to welcome them on board. Turn your customers to loyals by gathering their information and growing your database, then remarket to them afterwards. Update them with your latest promotions and events. Make them feel you’re looking forward for their next visit.


Driving customer loyalty is not exclusively about price: it’s about the value that you’ll be able to offer.

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