In a generation where WiFi is considered a necessity, customers are now expecting business to offer free WiFi. Those who already do are able to make their customers stay longer, attract new customers, and increase the number of their loyal customers.

We’ve listed down 5 benefits you can get if you offer free WiFi.

  1. Know your customers more

Once your customers are connected to your wifi, you get to know their interests, hobbies, and other basic information. You may also track their spending power, number of visits, number of times they’ve connected, and etc. You could use this information to create promos or rewards targeting a certain demographic of your customer.

  1. Free advertising

You could place your existing or upcoming promos on the log-in page of your wifi. Not only is this cost effective, but you are sure that your customers are actually seeing your advertisement.

  1. Customers to fans/followers

Most businesses use social media log-in for a customer to connect to their WiFi, wherein your customers must like/follow your business’ social media pages. Once your customer likes your page, it will be shown not only in his timeline but to his friends’ as well. According to a research, a Facebook user has an average of 338 friends. That’s 338 potential customers for you! You can then tailor a promo for your Facebook fans or Twitter/Instagram followers.

  1. Reward customers

As said above, you may track your customers’ number of visits and other information. You could use this information to reward customers based on the number of their visits or purchase.

  1. Free endorsement

When a customer logs in to your WiFi, there is a chance that he will check-in from your business or tag your business in her photos.


WiFi really is a must for business nowadays, and offering it for free gives you an edge over those who don’t.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over here and sign up for your free trial.

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