Our Campaign to make Businesses' WIFI for Free

Our Campaign to make Businesses’ WIFI for Free

You probably have experienced a lot of WIFI hotspots around the Philippines, some free, some paid and some that are just for internal use only! With internet growth (531% according to TechinAsia) being the highest in the world, and mobile penetration and growth at one of the highest rate (111% according to jsncrz), so why aren’t businesses giving free WIFI?


Moslow's Pyramid need WIFI


During our meetings with numerous business owners and marketing, we found that the biggest problems why they gave no WIFI or slow WIFI  was the following:

Zion WIFI - Why business owners dont provide wifi

  1. There is no benefit for the business except for having it as an amenity. Therefore even though they offer WIFI, it’s usually the lowest or a cheaper internet plan.
  2. Since there’s no benefit to them, the cost of having WIFI is a expense that they can’t justify.
  3. They’re worried that people might hang around all day and not buy much or anything for that matter!
  4. People from nearby locations will connect to the free WIFI.



Here’s how Zion WIFI can help Businesses give WIFI for FREE

Free WIFI Philippines

  1. You have to Like/Follow the business to get Free WIFI. It’s easy enough right? And worth the free WIFI! So now there’s value/benefit to them.
  2. Imagine how much they’re all spending on advertising, if the WIFI expense was justified based on advertising expense. Then the cost could easily be acquired and justified.
  3. We can set time limits where users are given access to, but, we believe since they get something on each connection, they can freely open this to anyone.
  4. Lastly, businesses can save on local marketing costs as they can use their WIFI to promote their business and they would be happy to have likes/follows from nearby users.



So we’d like to help more people get access to free WIFI but, of course, it has to be a WIN-WIN scenario for businesses to get something too. We believe that Zion WIFI can help with all that and this is our way of helping the community get more free WIFI access in public locations. We certainly hope that more people can support our movement.

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