Why people prefer WiFi over 3g / 4g LTE

Why people prefer WiFi over 3g / 4g LTE



With technological advancements today, internet is faster than ever and offering several connectivity options for people to go online. There’s always been an ongoing debate on whether people will still use WiFi now that 3g or 4g LTE is widely available in telecoms network. Truth is WiFi isn’t going anytime soon, as a matter of fact, it’s going to be more widespread.



Here’s some reasons why people prefer WiFi over 3g / 4g LTE

  • Reliability of WiFi – compared to its counterparts, 3g / 4g LTE isn’t always reliable in terms of connectivity. There will always be deadspots or congested areas which can really bring down the quality.
  • Mobile Data Pricing – Mobile data isn’t cheap, you are charged by the data you consume hence the mobile bill may go off the roof once you use data very often.
  • Data Limits – With pricing being high, data is then limited to specific use only to avoid over paying on your bills. Some countries even place data caps to ensure their quality of service is sustained.
  • Telecoms offloading – 3g / 4g LTE networks can get very congested, as a matter of fact, most of them are operating on an overloaded basis. WiFi is their means of decongesting, hence you would see city wide WiFi projects in more developed countries resulting to more balanced use.
  • Signal Limitation – Do you notice that at certain areas (especially establishments) data connectivity is bad or non-existent? This is where WiFi takes the advantage by being able to be placed strategically to ensure connectivity in every spot.
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