Personalizing Customer Experience thru places with free WiFi

Personalizing Customer Experience thru places with free WiFi


The future of marketing is to be able to create a 1 on 1 experience with their customer relationships, allowing customers to feel like a VIP. The way that is done today is to collect customer information thru various data sources, like membership cards and other technologies. WiFi is now at the forefront of this technology, by allowing customers easier login options and collecting customer information for the business to use to personalize. Therefore, places with free WiFi are at a big advantage today.



So what customer information can WiFi gather for your business?

  1. Customer Information (Name, Gender, Location, Interests etc.)
  2. Customer Contact Details (Mobile and Email)
  3. Customer Visits (Time, Location, Repeat or New)



How can you use WiFi to personalize customer experience?

After collecting more information and building yourself a customer record, you are now able to target and personalize messages sent to customers to allow them to feel valued.


Messaging and Communicating with Customers.

We highly recommend using SMS & Email. I know, SMS may sound old school, but every phone has this feature regardless or brand and model and it has the least security requirements to make it work compared to online messengers. While Email is still widely used for work and personal, and everyone with an online footprint would have an email address.


Customer Record and Loyalty

Instead of handing out a form for your standard membership or loyalty program, the system would already have forms pre-filled since it already has their information. What’s great is that the customer could just do an e-signature to validate the information and their membership or loyalty record is set. To take this further, this can be used to as an alternative (cardless or app less due to validation thru WiFi) or compliment (can be used to feed loyalty apps or programs more information) to another loyalty program that you may be running.


These are just some of the things that can be done thru connecting different customer data together to create a full customer record. This then allows us to know them better to send more targeted and personalized messages at the right place and time to make them feel valued and encourage repeat visits and sales! Places with free WiFi definitely has the advantage!


** We at Tomizone can help you achieve this with our suite of solutions to help you make your business smarter and efficient.

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