Portable WiFi Hotspot: Guerilla Marketing Tool

Portable WiFi Hotspot: Guerilla Marketing Tool


Portable WiFi Hotspot is surely a very good tool for marketing, allowing you to broadcast your brand thru the signal and login pages which can be used for guerilla marketing purposes.



You can setup your own Portable WiFi Hotspot with the following:

  • 4g Internet modem (Sim card or USB internet dongle)
  • USB powered router
  • Battery Pack
  • WiFi Hotspot system



What marketing value can you extract from having a portable WiFi hotspot system?

  • Brand Awareness and Exposure
  • Collect Guest Information (Guest info, contact details, visit, interests and behavior)
  • Opt-In to promotional messages
  • Option to serve advertising


How can it be used for Guerilla Marketing?

  • Public Places (Parks, Malls, etc.) – Having it placed in a bag, it can be used to provide WiFi in places with high density of people. The limitation is the number of devices that can connect to a small device (typically 10 at most).
  • Concerts and big public events – When sponsorships are quite expensive, getting a couple of these devices thru various seats or people would allow you to tap the guests or audience of such events.

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