The power of your WiFi splash page

The power of your WiFi splash page

The first thing that your customers see upon logging in to your guest wifi is called splash page. Be sure to make the most out of it ‘cause you won’t imagine how far this one page can take you.



Optimization is key. Don’t forget to setup your splash page based on how you want it to look like. Every element you put in there is essential to get the attention of your customers.



Here are different tips on how to make your splash page engaging:

1. Use high definition photos. Your customers wouldn’t like to see pixelated ones, of course. Thus, the photos you put also reflect on your branding.

2. Put relevant information. This page is another medium for you to promote to your customers. Why not utilize it? However, don’t bombard them with everything (e.g. year-round promotions, company background).

3. Connect to your customers. Your splash page wasn’t there for nothing. Use it as a tool to reach out to your customers by letting them sign in through the most applicable social media account for your target market.

4. Update your splash page when necessary. Sync your splash page with your current promotions, and with the season. There’s a direct relation on how you manage your business as to how you manage your splash page.

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