How to provide WiFi Guest Access in your Establishment

How to provide WiFi Guest Access in your Establishment


Now that you’ve decided to provide WiFi access to your establishment, how do you separate connections for internal usage and guest access? For most, they simply have one network which is shared to both internal and customer use, which is secured with a password.



So How else can you provide WiFi guest access?


Hotspot System (Username & Password)

Remember when you went to a hotel or airport, where when you connect to an open WiFi signal and a guest login page pops up? You then login with a username and password, or sometimes you will just need to accept the terms and conditions and you’re connected.


What’s great about this is that typically this basic service is provided for free on enterprise WiFi hardware, the bad news is that these equipment may be costly for smaller establishments. It is highly technical in nature and usually managed by network admins.


Social WiFi Hotspot System (Hotspot 2.0)

Have you come across a WiFi guest access allowing you to login using your social media account? That’s the next evolution of the hotspot technology, allowing the hotspot system to identify thru social profiles who’s logging in.


What makes this different from the earlier version? While the 1st version was positioned towards more technical use, hotspot 2.0 now has marketing value. From WiFi analytics, advertising, marketing campaigns etc., WiFi just got a lot smarter.



**We can help make your WiFi smarter thru Tomizone’s Connect Platform.

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