Providing BYOD Login for University WiFi

Providing BYOD Login for University WiFi


Students, today, are equipped with many WiFi enabled devices such as their e-readers, tablet, mobile phones and laptops (especially in University) and would prefer to use their own devices than the computers in-school. BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) is surely something every university must be prepared for when thinking about providing WiFi access. Hence, every University WiFi must be equipped to allow them BYOD login to the WiFi and provide reliable and secure connectivity to ensure great customer experience.



Providing BYOD Login for University WiFi

  • Today’s Millenials are digital natives, they expect to be connected every time every where. They have multiple devices that need internet connection to get the information they need. It is necessary nowadays for students to use internet devices to participate in classrooms or even complete school work.
  • There needs to have certain restricted websites, such as malicious or porn sites, which can be bad for students. A filter is necessary to provide BYOD Login for this matter.
  • It is important for Network admins to understand network usage of WiFi to ensure that the internet bandwidth is sufficient for the whole university population.
  • At the end of the day, Internet is a privilege given to enrolled students, so there should be more priority to them than visitors or guests. Giving them a different level of access would create a better sense of being enrolled in the school.


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