How Restaurants with WiFi can get more reviews

How Restaurants with WiFi can get more reviews


Did you know that every one star rating increase is equivalent to 5% – 9% increase in sales? But the challenge is how do we encourage your customers to leave a review? This is often the issue of most restaurants, and everyone is left wondering how this can be done.



What’s worse in all of this is that usually it is when someone has a bad experience which leads them to leave a negative review, but it doesn’t always happen when they have a good one?


So how does restaurants with WiFi get more reviews? It’s not very straight forward, but it is thru the use of a more advanced Hotspot system called Tomizone Connect which can help achieve this goal.



How can Tomizone Connect empower restaurants with wifi to get more reviews?

  • We allow customers to login using their social media account, allowing you to gather deeper customer information.
  • We can direct your customers to based on their demographic data to your preferred restaurant review site (e.g. 27 Male to Facebook Page, 20 to 30 Female to Yelp, 30-50 Male and Female to Zomato etc.)
  • When they left your place, you can get in touch with them via email or sms which contains a link to the review site. (It’s best to incentivize them leaving a review, e.g. 30% off on your next visit upon reviewing which encourages a strong return visit and gets 20% more reviews based on a study)

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