Securing your WiFi Network

Securing your WiFi Network

How can you ensure your WiFi’s Security? In this age of hacks and shortcuts, it’s a real challenge to keep your data and WiFi network safe and secured. Is it not?

There are so many ways to intercept wireless network and extract private information like passwords and credits card numbers. However, there are also several WiFi network security technologies out there to combat invasion of privacy unauthorized user access.


The key is ENCRYPTION. Different WiFi hardware are capable of some form of encryption. Imagine sending a sensitive data online that has your credit card info, address, and contact details while on a public wifi hot spot then encrypting with random numbers and letters so that whoever tries to hack your system will not have it easy.  What the encryption technology will do is to scramble the code in such a way that it cannot be easily read by humans. What you have to do is to choose the most compatible form of encryption with your wireless network.


One other tool you can use is MAC Address Filtering. A MAC Address is the unique identifier of each device, in other words, the fingerprint of a device.  Enabling this filtering method, will allow you to block certain users through your own wireless network and restrict connection. This way you can prevent that neighbor of yours from slowing down your internet speed from all the torrent downloads he’s been doing. Ha!

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