Shopping Mall WiFi: How can mall operators utilize free WiFi

Shopping Mall WiFi: How can mall operators utilize free WiFi


Unlike smaller establishments, giving out free WiFi for shopping malls is huge expense. You would need enterprise grade equipments, controllers and extensive labor costs just getting it setup. While this may sound discouraging, we believe shopping mall WiFi can be utilized using our WiFi hotspot softare.



Here’s how Shopping mall WiFi can be utilized by mall operators:

  • Demographic Information – foot traffic is one thing, knowing the demographics of your guests on a specific time and date can be very insightful.
  • Know your Customers – With the demographics report, you’re able to understand and make the customer experience better thru shop optimization and other strategies.
  • Focused Marketing spend – Getting foot traffic to your mall can sometimes be a very shotgun approach. By knowing who your customers are, you’re able to target demographic segments to allow you to make the most of your budget.
  • Cheaper Customer Outreach – Instead of paying Facebook or other advertising channels everytime, save on digital marketing costs by going direct to your customers. We can do so by using Social WiFi and gathering customer contact information which costs you less to encourage repeat visits and more sales for your tenants.
  • Newsletter Marketing – You’re also able to send them newsletter thru a legal opt-in from logging in. This gets customers up-to-date with the latest news in mall and encourage them to come back.
  • Detailed WiFi Analytics – You’re able to get more in-depth reports on your customers. Understanding, not just their information and contact details, but knowing visit behaviors and interests which helps you make a better customer experience.
  • Indoor WiFi Map – Give the customers the Indoor mapping experience thru their own mobile devices. Allowing them to find their own way around the mall, while sending them promotional messages while they pass by certain stores.
  • Marketing Revenue / Value to tenants – You can earn extra revenues by charging your tenants marketing or promotional solutions which helps them promote while in-mall.

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