How Social WiFi boosted sales for restaurants

How Social WiFi boosted sales for restaurants


WiFi and sales, these 2 have never been aligned before, it’s been 2 opposing forces, WiFi being an restaurant expense and little or no impact on sales. With Social WiFi, the correlation becomes much more different as WiFi, now, contributes to restaurant sales.


Here are 2 case studies we have had with Social WiFi contributing to restaurant sales:


High End Steak house

This high end steakhouse used to spend a huge budget on traditional advertising, upon hearing about Social WiFi, they took the risk and shifted all their budget over to Social WiFi. It was tested on one particular holiday where they can completely compare results from previous years. The budget was cut to just 10% on what they spend the previous years and all traditional marketing efforts were placed on hold.


With Social WiFi, they were able to collect customer contact details which allowed them to send direct messages. They then focused on sending direct and personalized messages thru our platform which got them more interested calls than previous years. The end result is that they increased sales 55% compared to previous years and only spent 10% of their marketing budget!



Buffet Restaurant

This buffet restaurant used to spend a lot on marketing, majority on traditional channels and some on online channels. They started exploring more direct digital solutions and the main solution they went for is Social WiFi.


They used Social WiFi to gather opt-ins and customer information. On a month to month basis, they were able to get 1000’s of opt-ins per month per branch. In a matter of months, they were able to reach 100,000+ of customer database allowing them to cut down on traditional channels and focus budgets simply on online. Doing more direct (newsletter) marketing campaigns that cost them a fraction of the costs they spend before. Moreover, they were able to benefit on getting more repeat sales with social WiFi as they can finally target customers that have at least visited their venue.

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