Social WIFI is the next Big Thing in the Philippines

Social WIFI is the next Big Thing in the Philippines

Before we started this project, we surely had a lot of questions but it wasn’t long before we see why what we’re doing is the next big thing and how it would really help businesses achieve better value by using our system of Social WIFI.


Here’s a really great quote from Manuel V. Pangilinan (MVP, chairman of PLDT) – “Telcos will be obsolete; social media is the future”




What is Social WIFI?

Social WIFI is a software that is coupled with a hardware, that allows users to connect using their favorite Social Media Account, making it easier to connect.


What’s in it for Businesses?

  • A Like / Follow on Social Media in every connection.
  • Get Real Customer Fans and Followers! It’s all about Quality Fans and Followers than the quantity.
  • Know who your customers really are (Real Time Analytics)
  • Stay connected with your Customers


What’s in it for their Customers?

  • No more hard to type username and passwords
  • Since there’s value for businesses, they would be enticed to give Free and Faster internet
  • Support the businesses that they physically go to


Zion WIFI is the social WIFI solution that would help address businesses by giving real value from customers using their WIFI. It is truly a great system and could really help businesses achieve better promotion at a really low cost compared to different promotional avenues. We’re truly excited to pioneer a new segment in the online marketing industry.


To find out more, please checkout Zion WIFI Packages and our Social WIFI Solution.

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