Social WiFi Marketing – Is it still worth it?

Social WiFi Marketing – Is it still worth it?

There’s been a lot of issues and question with regards to social networks these days and more to do with Data Privacy and what it shares to its 3rd party. So the question here is whether Social WiFi Marketing is still worth doing? or is it the end of it?


On an information level, Social Networks / Media offer much more information than what a typical form can give. From answering and verifying all the basic information such as name, age, gender, mobile, email, interests and other insights. But not all networks give this, Facebook and Linkedin are very information rich with the basics and insights only on Facebook; whilst others like Instagram and others offer very little information and isn’t worth having at all. Lastly, what we found is that a good number of social logins provided us with lower quality answers, i.e. their names are not right, old emails and numbers, and untrue demographic profile.


On a User experience level, the good thing is that this lessens the need for them to fill a form. And instantly grabs information from their social profiles to login the Social WiFi. The 2 key issues on this:

  • Trust – For most users, when asked about their username and password this becomes a big question whether they should trust you. More often they get worried that their accounts maybe hacked (like Phishing).
  • Password – Majority of users have all the passwords saved hence they haven’t logged in for quite some time. So when asked, this becomes a major stumbling block for log ins.


On the most important note in Social WiFi Marketing¬†lies the whole issue of Data Privacy, Social Networks are expected to keep their data safe. The whole Cambridge Analytica hearing has brought a lot of them to scale back on opening and partnering with 3rd party companies. Hence the reliability of social networks opening the network for you to use isn’t always going to work and will always be at their mercy (i.e. whenever they want to pull the plug the whole feature goes down).


So for us, Social WiFi Marketing, isn’t as crucial anymore, as a matter of fact, this has shown us that we need to be independent and collect information independently without the need for depending on social profiles. With this, we’ve added a feature called Continuous profiling, that allows us to dissect and ask further questions to get to know the user whilst balancing user experience.

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