Today’s WiFi Analytics

Today’s WiFi Analytics

A while back, WiFi analytics was limited to network administrators who looked at the technical reports concerning WiFi usage. Today, WiFi analytics has evolved towards providing more insightful marketing reports that businesses can use to drive revenues to their business.



So what new reports can we expect from today’s WiFi Analytics?

  • Deep Customer Information – Knowing who your customers are, from customer information (like name, birthday and contact details) to interests and more.
  • Visit Information – Based on your customer demographics, how often do they visit and when? Are they a new or repeat customer?
  • Marketing Campaign – With messages (SMS / Email) being automated and sent at certain conditions, you may gather reports on interaction and effectivity.
  • Location Reports – Where do most people go to in your venue? How long did they stay? Which demographic went to a specific section? And many more!


**Here at Tomizone, we can help you have access with all these information thru our Tomizone Connect platform.

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