Turning Walk-in customers into regular customers using WiFi Software

Turning Walk-in customers into regular customers using WiFi Software


A sustainable business means that you need at least 60% repeat customers. So why is it that regular customers do come back for repeat sales? The answer is very simple, you need to know your customers!



Who are your customers? When did they visit your establishment? How often? How do we get in touch with them? How can we get them to come back?


All these questions are difficult to answer as before the solutions for this are separate and individual. Today, this can all be solved using WiFi Software.


What’s great about this is that it’s a very natural thing, that most customers would login to the establishment’s WiFi. Then, they login either thru a form or Social Media account with proper marketing opt-in which allows you to get in touch with them again to get them to come back.


But what’s really important with the WiFi Software we have is that we know who your customers are. From Customer Information (Name, Birthday etc.) to Demographics (Age, Gender etc.) to Visits Behavior (When and Which place?) to Location to Interests! We’re able to provide this insightful analytics to you to allow you to make better business decisions.



Lastly, once you know who they are and you have the opt-in. You can get in touch with them again thru newsletters or marketing promotions. And the best part, you can do so in a personalized and targeted manner where the messages feel that it was crafted just for them, making your customers feel valued.


WiFi software is definitely the next generation of data collection point aligned with the new generations need of being connected all the time.


**We can help you make your business more sustainable, Contact us today.

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