Using Free WIFI to Promote your Business

Using Free WIFI to promote your Business

Free WIFI is almost expected at any establishment, and most businesses are simply giving it away without anything in return. Charging an amount is almost ridiculous, as the cost of internet is becoming cheaper, so our solution is for your Free WIFI to be paid in social currency.


photo by Yahoo

photo by Yahoo


What is Social Currency?

Social Currency is a Facebook Like, Twitter Follow, Linkedin Follow, Google+ Follow, it doesn’t cost a user any money and it gives the businesses a new fan / follower to which they can promote their business to.




How can Zion WIFI help? (Full Features)

  1. Customers need to Like or Follow you to use your WIFI. If they returned, they’ll be asked to post a message (controlled by you). This gets you fans/followers which have visited your establishment and has more chances of coming back than a fan that liked/followed you from the web. Just think, if you advertised online monthly, how much leads can you generate with P3,500 (our Pricing)? Not much, but with our system, this amount goes a very long way in terms of exposure and sales.
  2. You get real time analytics, where we’re able to say who was using your WIFI thru their social media accounts. It gives you a really nice overview of your customers, which can be very very helpful for a business to maximize sales.
  3. You can then set your system to give vouchers automatically based on their demographics or visits. The system emails them when they fit a certain criteria (example: 18 – 24 Male with 2 visits) and this is done while they’re in your establishment and they can use it right away! It’s instant rewards and, best of all, increases total sales per customer.
  4. There’s so much more features if you join Zion WIFI. and you can see the full list here.

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