Using WiFi Hotspot to increase Sales

Using WiFi Hotspot to increase Sales

WiFi hotspot is another way of allowing users to wifi login to your network as opposed to having a password needed to connect. What’s great about WiFi hotspot systems is that it allows you as the WiFi network to collect more information hence allowing you to make better business decisions thru the use of it.



So how can you use WiFi hotspot to increase sales?

  1. We use social media or forms to let people login via WiFi
  2. After collecting guest data and database, we can target and personalize marketing campaigns to create good customer relations.
  3. With targeted marketing campaigns, you can efficiently spend on relevant customers creating savings and can redirect that to customers that will spend more.
  4. More importantly, with the data collected, you can make better business decisions that ultimately help increase revenues and decrease costs thru optimization.


At Tomizone, we’re experts in helping you utilize your WiFi. Contact us to find out more.

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